The Wild Beast of Summer – Oh, Thimbleberry Moon

Dangling on a tight rope
of heat,
Breathing solemnly yet
Anticipating the rains,
The storms,
The enchanted visitor ~

Oh Behold! the divinity of bluebirds,
The chorus of crows,
And the nattering jokes
Of Insolent mosquitoes.

And oh-so delightful
to behold
the clamouring sky
unveiling oh-so slowly
into a fragrant night.

The kaleidscope bellies of fireflies,
Dancing wing tips
spread over the lush of purple wheat,

Oh! moutain and thimblerry moon,
Your presence ever known,
even in the tense hours of dusk.

Till morning, and sun, and breath
awaken me again,
Cry not, for only with Thee
Must I shed my summer tears and fears,
Glory be ours, face to face,
With beckoning sky
of day and summer wind.


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