The Spring Hush

There are mysteries,

And miseries.

There are mountains to climb,

And valleys that lull.

There are cries,

And whispers.

And dangers

that sing.

There are times

when we wish

that it just wasn’t so.

And nights when we wish

the days would come.

And the dread…

of the tumbling sea.

There are rainbows

that die,

and clouds that pierce

the hour, like a heaven

with no tomorrow.

And yet, there is hope.

I can’t save the world.

But I can hope.

I can’t forbid or forget.

But I can quench

the thirst of my faith.

For despair is an ugly end.

And if I am being ‘being,’

I sing to care.

I sign a name

that one day will be anonymous.

But for now,

it is a signature

that invites a moment

to embrace

the tranquil start

of a journey

to complete.

And so,

with the slur

of the spring wind beckoning,

the spring hush in our pockets,

and the geese coming home,

It is only but a moment

to contemplate.

What we can do,

to be.

To care.


The Spring Hush © 2016 Vivianne LaRiviere

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