Talking sticks are considered sacred objects in the way of the original people. They are medicine for insightful, truthful and loving communication, whether it be with a partner, friend, parent or sibling. These artisanal sticks can also be used in larger circles and are a wonderful way to approach conflict management.
The sticks are adorned with a variety of hides, and assortment of feathers including pheasant, and furs. Some are ornamentally painted as well. I walk in the forest to collect the sticks and only pick the ones that speak to me. Often there are sightings of animal totems in the shape or the wood itself.
These tools of communication are decorative and appealing to the senses, and have a powerful nature of grounding someone as they speak. This helps move people to speak from the heart – the language of the soul.

How to use the stick
When you hold the stick it is your turn and time to speak. Others are to listen, and listen deeply. Speak in the ‘I’ and do not try to cast blame but rather aim to be honest about how you are feeling, and to let those feelings flow from your heart. It is a healthy spiritual practice not to judge your feelings or the feelings of others. When you feel you have said all that is to be said, the stick is passed onto the next person. It is then your turn to listen – and listen deeply.

I hope this stick provides you with many embracing and loving experiences, aligning your heart and the heart of others with peace and love. May these beautiful sticks serve as a tool for the resolution of conflict and also used for the expression of joy, gratitude and love. And whatever else the heart needs to say!

Self-expression leads to peace of mind.
Peace of mind leads to peace. Enjoy!