Easter 2020 – We Must Bear the Suffering

Easter 2020 - We Must Bear the Suffering "Is it nothing to you, all you who pass by?” [Lamentations, 1:12 I begin this reflection with a quote from Fleming Rutledge, an author and also a parish priest who served for over 20 years in New York City: “For Christians, Good Friday is the crucial day, [...]

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Tis the Season….

We often talk about ‘faith,’ and ‘birth,’ and ‘joy’ while celebrating the festive season which is upon us. We begin to hear choir rehearsals as we plod along village streets. The capitalist reminders of ‘pre-boxing day sales,’ and the barrage of tinselled social media begin to pop up everywhere. ‘Sip and shop’ are common, as [...]

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Summer has arrived!

It’s summer! It’s hot! It’s a beautiful time of the year…. To celebrate. Enjoy life. Visit. Stay at home. Go away. Bask. Sleep. Dream. Read. Eat. Drink. (Not too much!) Cuppas. Have fun with friends. Walk leisurely. Swim! Sail. Camp. Sand. Meditate. Pray as you are moved to do so. Throw water balloons…not necessarily all [...]

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Belated Mother’s Day

It is late. The sun has gone down. Women around the world have celebrated Mother’s day. Some have celebrated with children, others with patients, and patience, pets or other wild things. Some have wined and dined, others have spent time alone, in prayer, or suffering, or the lucky ones, with joy as their companion. Or [...]

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The Tulips are Whispering…

It was cold last night. An illusive dampness clung from the edge of winter. Reminding me of the heartland of perspective, and change. The first potted tulips of the season, Lilting with what seemed to be a torpid perfection, Against the backdrop of the evening’s dusk. Casually, yet vulnerable, For there was only the beginning [...]

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