Summer has arrived!

It’s summer! It’s hot! It’s a beautiful time of the year….

To celebrate. Enjoy life. Visit. Stay at home. Go away. Bask. Sleep.
Dream. Read. Eat. Drink. (Not too much!) Cuppas. Have fun with friends. Walk leisurely. Swim! Sail. Camp. Sand. Meditate. Pray as you are moved to do so. Throw water balloons…not necessarily all in this order, but you get the drift. Oh, do art! Garden. Talk to the stars. Talk to the river! Talk to your best friend. Wonder. Wander. Say hello to your neighbour. Ask the big questions. Be patient. Wait for the answers.
Love it all!

Consider your blessings. For moments like these shall never be revisited.
Similar perhaps. Or wildly parallel. But we never experience the same moment twice.
Gratitude fills us with the promise of an opened and gracious heart. What a gift it is to be alive!

However, sometimes there are challenges that come our way that are difficult to deal with – no matter how sunny the day. We need to reach out for help. I encourage you to do so, if such is the case. We don’t ever need to face the dark days alone. We can’t always fix or control what may interfere with our happiness, however…beyond that, we have choices. Stay posted for news on the new programs offered in the fall: “Embracing Grief with Care, Love and Understanding.” There will be retreats here in St. Lazare, as well as an 8-week programme offered on the West Island. Details to be provided very soon! If you are having a difficult time, suffering a loss of any kind, this might be the program for you. (Visit the website under retreats for retreats and programs available for your community or organization.)

And please come visit at the many shows we are attending this summer. Would love to see you! Finnegan’s every Saturday. (Mostly) The Hudson Music Festival with over 140 vendors this year! A drum-making workshop happening on the 18th – 19th. The Capital Pride Fair has been extended for two days as a trial run – August 25th, & 26th.

If you need a drum, a talking stick, a dream catcher, a care doll…come visit!

We also will have a wonderful selection of sage, sweetgrass, smudge dishes, and our very own special blend of sage, sweetgrass, cedar and fresh picked lavender.

And…introducing the SASWE line of body products. All made with a delicate base blend of sage and sweetgrass! Body lotions, balms, mists, soaps, and introducing our portable shampoo bar!! NO PLASTIC! And…. accompanying this favourite ~ our all new all-natural sage and sweetgrass deodorant. And yes, it works! Online shopping available too.

Hope to see you over the summer. Enjoy every blessed moment of breath and breeze!

Namaste, God bless, Meegwetch, Peace be with you,


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