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Contact me hereI thank you for taking the time to visit and browse through The Art of Soul Care.

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I look forward to meeting new members of our community at many of the upcoming events, and renewing the bonds of friendship that have already been crafted as a result of this journey.

We need to come together for the healing of our own hearts, our communities and our beloved planet. Please join us as we continue to nurture our spiritual lives, seeking connection and belonging.

Thank you, Meegwetch!
Namaste, Aho,

Blessings for the day, peace for the journey.


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About Vivianne

Vivianne LaRiviereVivianne LaRiviere, spiritual arts practitioner, educator, and multi-media artist holds a Masters of Pastoral Studies, a Masters of Theological Studies, and is a Doctoral Candidate in her final year of a Doctorate of Ministry Program. Additionally, she holds a diploma in Recording Arts Management, and is a Reiki Master. Vivianne honours her Indigenous ancestry, and is a drum maker and carrier. As a facilitator, Vivianne brings decades of experience working with the convergence of art and spirituality, noting the language of symbols and metaphors as an extremely powerful tool, that can open the portals toward healing and transformation. Her special skill set helps determine what lays beyond the image on the page, invoking a responsible conversation with your authentic self: your soul.