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Spiritual Direction …

Spiritual Direction

Soul Care - One to One

Faith develops in stages. As we mature, we are often times called to reflect upon the various chapters of our lives, and to reflect deeply upon what it means to live a life fulfilled. We question what might be the next chapter to write and, how are we to know which direction to take, as we sometimes face several choices, and feel at a loss of which road to take.

It is during these times, that spiritual direction does its best work.  This ancient art of listening is dedicated to the reflective and contemplative arenas of spiritual practice and can serve us in ways that no other practice can. Our time together is dedicated to spirited conversation, meditation and prayer, with efforts made to connect with spiritual practices, or to reconnect at a deeper level.

We spend time to consider the healing power of creative energy, as we sometimes are called to express ourselves with art and imagery. We walk together, understanding that the work of the Spirit is here to guide us, to help us deepen our trust so that we may continue to write the paragraphs of our lives in a fulfilling way.

We consider how it is we are called to co-create the wisdom years of our lives, and by what path are we to travel this journey. If you are facing the deepest of questions in your life, and need someone to journey with, consider the art of spiritual direction as a vital and passionate means in which to enter into relationship with your most authentic self: your soul.

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