Clarity with Communion

As of late I find myself needing to face major decisions. Though decision-making is part and parcel of life itself, the process can sometimes be excruciatingly difficult, as I am sure many of you might agree. We need to take into consideration the lives of many and the consequences we may need to face in order to move into the life we wish to create for ourselves. Often we are faced with huge mountains to climb or trenches to dig. Walls need to come down, and we might need to completely re-wire the house!! When too many options surface we may feel bewildered, confused, angry and overwhelmed.

What to do? How to cope? We can become ungrounded. There may appear to be an infinite number of possibilities, but when one takes the time to examine any given situation closely, the choices and truth of the matter can come to light. How? One response I have is: Clarity with Communion. In today’s frenzied world we often overlook the obvious. Be at one with solitude. Welcome the silence. Set the stage. Place your question on the altar if you will. And then? Listen. Clarity unravels in communion with the whisper. Communion with what you may ask? I think that is yours to decide. There are many names for the unnamable. Regardless of what you believe in, nonetheless to believe one must be in relationship in, with and through the Other. It is through this portal that we manifest our lives. I think it is safe to say it is important to understand what we believe in. I believe we need to find the Image of the Divine Source to that which we can relate. Here lies the comfort of our deepest intimacies.

As an artist and practitioner, I believe the clearest language we have is the language of imagery. This language is the voice of the heart. Do we not need to understand this language? How do we do that? I believe the convergence of art and spirituality is part of the answer. By bringing them together we are present to the power that can move us into deeper understanding. I wonder that if we decide before understanding, judgment may lead to prejudice, resentment and dire consequences? It is true that we cannot always understand all things about a given situation. But I do believe we have a responsibility to search out as much of what we can know, about ourselves and the people, places and spaces involved. Then we can have faith that our decision making process is grounded in reality and not whimsical and manipulative thinking. It is through understanding that we can live out our lives through actions of love.

Namaste, peace for the journey.

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  1. francyne poirier 22 February 2013 at 7 h 38 min - Reply

    Dear Viviane,

    We only met once a while ago and this for no other reason than just where the journey took me. i just wanted to give you a note of deep appreciation for clarity with communion. I found it to be a very beautiful reminder of the simple act of allowing the silence and sometimes the void to be our allies and to guide us to a more profound understanding of ourselves. You write beautifully from your heart.

    THANK YOU !!!!!!

    Deep Peace

    • vivianne 22 February 2013 at 7 h 54 min - Reply

      Hi Francyne,
      I do recall our meeting some time ago. Thank you for your kind comments and support. I’m happy to hear that the reflection was of some help for you. I like your idea about expressing the silence and the void ( oh those dark places too?) as allies. Wonderful!
      Hopefully our paths may cross again soon, and please feel free to pass on the newsletter.

      Do take care,
      blessings for the day, peace for the journey.

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