Prayer ~ Tender Goes this Night

And brisk my heart speaks
To the innocence of your name. Your breath, the dew of word And witness of my soul, Caressing the delicate darkness of innocence.
And yet, where be you
When the true night unfolds?
Shivering in the lament of the autumn’s dusk,
I wish you kindness and affection,
As you shed your pure white petals,
One by one, moment by moment.
As you lay down your tender mercies
For all and yet perhaps none to bear,
Nonetheless, you do it with but one purpose in mind:
Loving your Being and loving the Being that surrounds you.
I am growing fond of your enveloping patience.
Teach me to hum, as you whisper those tender lullabies
To the evening of your delight.
And as the evening sun drifts down low into the yearning of those blue, glorious mountains,
Remember me.

Thank you

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