It’s not always easy being
A daisy,
Or you,
Or me.


And it’s not always easy
To believe,
That maybe
You know me.


Conversation 2

Some of us are sensitive,
We’ve lost a lot.



But maybe,
As a result,
We know how to
And be here.
For you.


conversation 4

We like tea.
In the middle
Of the afternoon.
We are always
Expecting you.
Conversation with two is a good thing!
Much laughter is wicked medicine.


Conversation 5

We are asked to weather the storm.
It’s not always easy.


Conversation 6

conversation 7

conversation 8

And sometimes we need to say


conversation 9

But then again,
We arrive.


conversation 10

So let’s begin a conversation,
And see where it leads us.
Somewhere in the meadow,
When the sun is shining,
The day is hot,
And the wind is true.

Somewhere where
The birds pause,
And we rest,
With a picnic
Of dreams.

Let’s start
A conversation.
And invite the neighbours!


conversation 11

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