The Power of the Drum

Years ago, while spending time in Oregon, I had the privilege of participating in a drum-making apprenticeship. The days were long and filled with valuable teachings about the different medicines associated with different drums. Mystical events were not an uncommon experience during those intensive and vulnerable times, for the call of the drum is powerful medicine. The imagery that can and does surface during the making of a drum often is indicative of some direction in life.

Today we come face to face with people on many different paths. Nonetheless the drum appeals to numerous seekers and sojourners. The drum when used as a spiritual practice, can lead us to a place where we can hear the guidance we seek. Often, the drum is used as a tool of prayer and meditation to accompany us along our spiritual journey. The drum has the power to regulate our hearts and usher in sounds of deep peace. Every drum carries her own medicine and solace. Every drum has a voice and something to express. There are teachings to be heard when drumming. And, I do believe that every drum has a name.

Here at The Songroom when we participate in a drum-making workshop we are introduced to the traditional teachings of the drum. We come together in community to honour the life of the animal that gave his or her life so that people may be fed and clothed. And, we listen closely for the medicine of a particular drum.

As we spend time together and make our drum, we also connect on some deeper level as we connect and communicate about the things that matter most to us. And – the silence is also a welcoming presence. Silence has a power that heals. We also celebrate the awakening of the drum with a naming ceremony and feast!

When we make a drum – though we tend to call it ‘our drum’ – it is important to know that we never truly have ownership of a drum. The drum is a gift – to you, or to another. We must heed the wisdom of the drum and know that at any day we may be called to pass the drum along to someone in need of its medicine. We never truly have ownership of the drum. However, the drum does have the power to take hold of us, and invite us into a space where we can hear what we need to hear, and see what we need to see. There is power in the drum as our hearts harmonize with the gathering of the drum’s rhythm and her symbolic universal heartbeat.

If you have ever felt that you were called to make a drum, or hold a drum, or play a drum, perhaps now is your time. We gather every summer here at The Songroom to make drums. This year three weekends in June, July, and August have been put aside. (see poster below) If you are interested please register early, for space is limited. I hear consistently that making a drum is an experience never to be forgotten. I welcome you and invite you to participate in the making of a drum, and in the making of peace. Journey well, fellow travellers!

Peace and blessings for the day,


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