A Return to A Simpler Time

A Return to a Simpler Time

It is mid-March. The day after St. Patti’s day to be exact – a time when spring is beginning to whisper her promises. She wafts of afternoon sunshine that distills the air just enough to remind us again that hope is a kindred spirit. Icicles drip with a deliberate undulating rhythm, ceasing moments like slow, percolating coffee. Shadows elongate and bend with the tilt of the beckoning blue sky. Specks of feathered flocks sit, perched, and wait, as if with every breath, there is the assurance of the prayerfulness of every hour. The Christmas cactus though is celebrating late-ness, as she comes alive in full bloom! Parody perhaps, but nonetheless, she weaves just as beautiful a tapestry as she would be on the eve of the winter Solstice. Her delicate, cascading surge of colour reminds me of a yearning to return to a simpler time.

It is also the season of Lent. In this marked 40-day fast, this year I chose to enter into a cavern of silence, careening myself away from social media – in particular Facebook. I felt an urgency to connect with a texture of myself that had become tucked away, slowly burying itself beyond a particular sensibility I used to enjoy. Though social media is much a visual adaptation to our hurried world, nonetheless I also found that it also creates a spin, a noiseless, yet ironically noisy hurdle through time. I found that this senseless hum was interfering with the way that I related to the world around me, to others, and particularly to myself. I began to yearn for a return to a simpler time.

I have been a few weeks away now with the exception to repost my ‘taking-my-leave-of-absence’ reminder, on Sundays. Highlights of the text include an invitation to connect with friends that I have missed, voices that need to be heard once again, so that I may reawaken to the graceful familiarity of their love – an effort to return to a simpler time. I deeply appreciate the efforts of those who have contacted me, and included me in their thoughts and prayers, and have kept me company along the way. We have reminisced, cajoled, and held onto dear memories of the past.

A certain essence of meaning has been rekindled for me, as I have returned to this simpler time. The land sounds different. The steam of the kettle is inviting. The quiver of my cat’s whiskers is comical once again. The dust that streams in on beams of dull light is still as mesmerizing as I remember it to be. Perhaps more so, for I found it to hold a particular wisdom, as its lightness of being provokes a beauty that is truly almost still. Actually, in this unearthed stillness resides an undertone of the peace of the Great Mystery. A reacquainting of joy stirs me to the edge of this peace. For this immeasurable charity I am exceptionally grateful.

I am laying low, hibernating and being mindful of the kindness of transformation. A tender ‘sometimes’ sits delicately on my windowsill of words. I think of you often, however or wherever you may be today – inspired by a whimsical notion that we will meet one day soon. Perhaps as you too have escaped, at least for a brief time, the hum of this hypo-modern world. Maybe we can plan a garden patch together, or share the awe of the beloved Rumi, as dark tea steeps, and chocolate melts. But I would be satisfied to simply be reminded of your birthday, or your favorite colour. Through all of these playful reminders, the lull of pristine thought is captivating, as there lays in this blessing the return to a simpler time.


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Namaste, peace for your journey.

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