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Painting : « Somewhere » © Vivianne LaRiviere

The winter festive season is upon us! Some of us have already begun to gather for celebratory moments, others are deep in the many preparations that call us to the celebration of the varied ways in which we engage our present moments and cherish what has gone past. And, hopefully we can reckon to hold the light for those who find this time of year difficult – for whatever reasons. I myself admit this season has at times been extremely bittersweet.

We are called to cook and to cater, to sing, and to chant, to give and to make to render, and to favour, to give and to receive the present, the presents, and beyond – the presence – to cherish nostalgic memories, and to give rise to the celebration of new birth in this cold, crisp days and nights. We prepare the way. Some believe it to be a time of miraculous birth, others simply name it their most Holiest time. Others still, without name or faith, or belief, yet nonetheless gather and embrace the Spirit, or as they might say ‘the energy’ of the goodness of the season.

We reflect on the beauty of an evening of Hallelujah choruses, or the dance of the morning’s snow whispering across the pasture, while others – the homeless of many ages – dry and warm soggy wet socks on tinder and tender candlelight, huddled together in brotherhood and sisterhood sometimes with a broken bone, often with broken hearts. Loneliness is either deeply entrenched or momentarily forgotten. Emotional risk is at the height of crisis for many. What is often touted as the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ for many can also be the most vulnerable time for others. Here lies an opportunity to make a difference.

Whatever your tradition, I extend my sincerest benevolence to you all. Friends, colleagues and strangers we have here. Our paths have crossed over many years, in many ways. May we continue to travel together, support each other’s journey, and widen our understanding and our compassion toward the other, and what it might mean to wish the other Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Solstice, or simply Happy Holidays!

Below you will find an invite to The Art of Soul’s first annual open house. A time to visit the studio, join us in a chorus of good cheer, and take a mini tour, and check out the digs. Please feel free to drop by, and bring a friend! If at all possible, please drop an email to let us know you might be stopping by. This simply helps with the cookie count!

As many of you know, the Art of Soul Care shop has been in the works for many, many (did I say many!?) months! (Well, okay…years!) At long last, the online doors are opened! Please have a browse, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions! The New Year promises to be well…just that…promising! There will be ongoing full moon ceremonies for women, the beginning of a grief support circle and network, as well as the introduction to the POWER SERIES – 2018 – offering a series of one and two-day workshops dealing with various aspects of spiritual practices. More updates on the events and workshops page very soon.

Last but not least. THANK YOU all for your wonderful support and contributions this year. It’s been a year of growth, expansion, and new plans! Exciting, exhausting, and fulfilling! Hoping to see many of you soon!

For me…it is ‘Merry Christmas!’ A time of love, miracles, and a deepening reverence for my faith. May your dark days be filled with the promise of discovery, many warm and loving blessings, and the ever presence of possibility and joy in your life!

Blessings, Namaste and much love for all of your journeys,

And may peace be your companion, and joy what fills your heart.

Thank you, Merci,


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