Rejoice ~ the Light is Here!

We all know we moan and bemoan the variety of sometimes excruciating weather conditions, as much as we embrace the heavenly grace of warm and tender winds and effervescent skies. We are sometimes quick to embrace the onset of one season, but often then impatience sets in, and we find ourselves wishing the arrival of [...]

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My Heaven is Spelled Frisbee!

Life is not that difficult. All I have to do is find a way, To keep my mom entertained, And woaaah….jackpot! Attention! Laughter! Even squeals of delight if I am really spectacular! Praise! Rompin,’ stompin,’ hours of play, And believe me I can frolic with the best of em! Oh, but it gets better. The [...]

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A Tender Moment with a Sister Named Mercy

One of the promises I have made to myself to sustain places of harmony within is to have fresh cut flowers illuminate the space that surrounds me. I am quite sensitive to my immediate surroundings, and often times a simple gesture of care toward my environment will change how I perceive my world: within and [...]

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A Photo Essay ~ A Few Pictures Tell a Few Stories

  I don’t know if you saw me, Standing on the edge of your forest.    You were gazing deep into something, sullenly, or perhaps solemnly, sadly Or then again, maybe even wisely.    Oh what a beautiful, old sage You are.    And I think painfully so. The skeletal enchantment Of your story, Still whispers me to [...]

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Prayer ~ Tender Goes this Night

And brisk my heart speaks To the innocence of your name. Your breath, the dew of word And witness of my soul, Caressing the delicate darkness of innocence. And yet, where be you When the true night unfolds? Shivering in the lament of the autumn’s dusk, I wish you kindness and affection, As you shed [...]

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