I sat Down In the tall, Cool, Green Grass. And… Listened. Drum, Tell me. I listened. The wind Blew. The birds Sang. The rustle Of the forest Bowing To the Reverence Of Time. And I listened. The drum Says: ‘Listen.’ And so I Did. And I do. Listen. Drum. Peace. She tells Me. Go, Beyond [...]

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Hollow Bones ~ Who am I?

A reporter recently asked me what was the motivating factor to play the upcoming benefit for both St. James’ Anglican Church and the Action Réfugies Montreal. (Details below) As a person of ministry, I seek to converge the gifts that have made themselves known to me through the arts, through theology, through my path as [...]

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“Ode to a Raspberry and a Bird in the Sky”

Decadence can be experienced in the smallest of Mother Earth’s pleasures. There is something magical about picking wild, ruby red raspberries on a slow-glow afternoon in the middle of the week, out there along the creek’s edge. The transparent fluff of dandelions gone by lingering alongside the effervescent aromas of untamed wheat recently plowed and [...]

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       Many of us are collectively experiencing the bitter cold winds of winter these days. A time when our mettle is tested against the long, enduring freezing nights and tundra-like mornings that cause us to flinch and wonder what in the world am I doing here? Despite the cold I have been venturing forth for long, [...]

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“As If It Were Yesterday…”

As I prepare for a return to the musical stage after a long hiatus, I am reminded of a bittersweet encounter from the recesses of my earliest childhood memories. This particular experience of remembering came one day in an Anishnawbe sweat lodge. I had just undergone an arduous traditional indigenous sweat. It was a brutally [...]

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