Prayer ~ Tender Goes this Night

And brisk my heart speaks To the innocence of your name. Your breath, the dew of word And witness of my soul, Caressing the delicate darkness of innocence. And yet, where be you When the true night unfolds? Shivering in the lament of the autumn’s dusk, I wish you kindness and affection, As you shed [...]

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The Wild Beast of Summer – Oh, Thimbleberry Moon

Dangling on a tight rope of heat, Breathing solemnly yet Anticipating the rains, The storms, The enchanted visitor ~ Oh Behold! the divinity of bluebirds, The chorus of crows, And the nattering jokes Of Insolent mosquitoes. And oh-so delightful to behold the clamouring sky unveiling oh-so slowly into a fragrant night. The kaleidscope bellies of [...]

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Clarity with Communion

As of late I find myself needing to face major decisions. Though decision-making is part and parcel of life itself, the process can sometimes be excruciatingly difficult, as I am sure many of you might agree. We need to take into consideration the lives of many and the consequences we may need to face in order to move [...]

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Welcome to my blog ~ along the river’s edge

Hello everyone, I invite you to sit for awhile….’along the river’s edge’ and to be at one with whatever mindful thought comes your way. I hope whatever you find here, whether it be stories, columns, reflections, meditations, or poetry that it leave you with a sense of question and wonder. Enjoy! And by all means, feel free to [...]

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