My Heaven is Spelled Frisbee!

Life is not that difficult.
All I have to do is find a way,
To keep my mom entertained,
And woaaah….jackpot!
Attention! Laughter!
Even squeals of delight if I am really spectacular!

Praise! Rompin,’ stompin,’ hours of play,
And believe me I can frolic with the best of em!

Oh, but it gets better.
The more I squirm, and dance, and jester,
The more razzle dazzle I can accomplish.
And there is a pot of gold waiting for me at the end of that rainbow, namely (drum roll please) cookies!

All of this jazz boils down to a very, very,
Simple life lesson: come when called,
For my faith tells me there are cookies!!
There are always, always cookies!!
I don’t know what your heaven might look like,
But mine comes with the cool glaze of snow,
Field, and frolic….and yes by all means amuse me and sing along –

Now if I can only figure out
Where in the world
Did the centre of this thing
They name ‘yourfrisbee’
Go to?

Come visit one day.
I would love to show you the meadow,
The fields, the mountain, and ‘yourfrisbee.’
See you on the flipside.

© Vivianne LaRiviere

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