Rejoice ~ the Light is Here!

We all know we moan and bemoan the variety of sometimes excruciating weather conditions, as much as we embrace the heavenly grace of warm and tender winds and effervescent skies. We are sometimes quick to embrace the onset of one season, but often then impatience sets in, and we find ourselves wishing the arrival of the next season. I am beginning to see the wisdom of holding on to the delicate and precious moments of light that polishes its way across the daily horizon, regardless of the season. For in that nurture speaks the voices of sages.

Every season offers up a new and different light. And it will never pass this way again, in the same way. Literally and metaphorically it is a once-in-a-life-time-experience. If we so choose to spend time with the light of every season, we might notice how each moment spells out a uniqueness of its own – never to emerge or unfold in the same way, ever again. If we could so appreciate this simple moment against the backdrop of chaos we experience in the world, could it be possible that we might resolve all of our differences? For in the light there is peace, quiet, a meaningful joy that emanates, and radiates itself across every particle of existence. The presence of Beauty is significant in the charisma of light.

Spring light refracts differently than winter’s light. The welcoming of the new season delicately chases new shapes as its light begins to awaken the tenderness of thaw, and moments of curious wonder. Shadows appear longer, wispier, and breathe of delightful charcoal and sepia songs. Perhaps still a bit whimsical in nature, yet offering up the promise of an enchanting season, filled with birth, rebirth, and significant discovery as the first petals sigh of their goddess nature, as they turn their soul prints upward to face the sun.

Out come the garden tools! The heavy-duty-ever-reliable-knee-high-rubber work boots replace the clunks of winter clogs. A palette of flowering colours begin to careen and collide with boundless enthusiasm whether it be in the tiniest of plots or across vast acreage and bountiful meadows. The light of the sky begins to glisten with the guarantee of longer days, dazzling mornings and breathtaking sunrises and sunsets!

And yet do we actually spend time to grieve the passing of the winter’s delight? Gracing the friendships that might be forgotten along the droughts of winter toil? The silhouettes of hoof prints in thigh-deep snow, the angular, bony bark shivering yet staunch in its courage to provide home for the wild? And what about the bewildered bounty of juniper and spruce, and the prancing and delicate voices of passing rain, sleet, and snow, and snowstorm; what of this emotive sentiency? Is it not a blessing, a gift, even dare I say a grace to witness even though cold, nonetheless such heartwarming clamoring that enchants our Canadian lives?

And with these adieus is the departure of one shape of nature’s Ecclesiastes for another, and the hum of the light of spring’s equinox. Equinox is a time of intersection: hemispheres share equally in the miracle of illumination. For me this garners another moment of appetizing good fortune; the tranquility of balance promises a hush, a benevolent moment of quietude. If only we can take note. For each and every fraction of light holds these infinite possibilities. Be still….

It’s been a long, hard winter, and a time of transformation. Today, as I watched a nuthatch hovering lowly over the bird feeder, a chickadee companion by her side, the melting snow was shimmering, dazzled in a kaleidoscope of crisp-colored jewels, glistening with the demands of the winter’s thaw. ‘Chippy’ the chipmunk was back, woodpeckers and juncos abound. The shaft of shadows, a glimmering grey was spawning new shapes, inviting new silhouettes into being. Soon, there will a monumental budding, a busting out of spring glamour! Hoisting to the rafters of the heavens! But for now, I lay awoken in the breath of this transition, this tinsel of dreamy conversion, and do what I am called to do: I surrender to gratitude. Yes effervescent skies, and effervescent joy. And the grace of knowing this life, this light. Join me. Rejoice!

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