Calling all artists, artisans, healers, social activists, contemplatives, dreamers, and visionaries!

The Songroom ~ Pray, Play, Work & Rest!

A place and space for spiritual renewal,

Creative Expression,

And Community Action!

Calling all artists, artisans, healers, social activists, contemplatives, dreamers, and visionaries!

If you have something to share with your community and need the space in which to do so, we would like to hear from you!

The Songroom is undergoing a transformation.

Having endured a long and grateful renovation on a backyard studio, the space is now ready. There are plans in the works for seasonal workshops, retreats, and the online shoppe – the Mythical Barn – is undergoing a facelift as well. We are planning a community garden, with the hopes of sharing some of the bounty with the local food bank. And with three apple trees on the property, there will be plenty of apples to pick for those of you interested in doing your own juicing and baking! Plans for building a labyrinth, a prayer pond, and wild flower gardening are also in the works….all in good time.

The Songroom is turning its sight (and site) toward the contemplative life: a place and space of spiritual renewal, creative expression and community action. For those of you who might be interested in further discussion about what that might look like, (and if you know of anyone who might be interested in living this life out here in rural Quebec – inter-faithfully, ecumenically, emerging, and contemplative) please feel free to contact me.

Putting out the call!

If you would like to be involved with the community,

there are many ways you can engage!

Pray ~ Join us in prayer! There will be regular prayer meetings and meditations, and ‘Silence & Story Speak’ sessions with art – times soon to be announced. If you are interested in praying and meditation with us, let us know. And we welcome good company from afar as well!

Play ~ Oh the drumming! We are planning regular drum gatherings, workshops, art feasts, etc.…so if this is an area you might be called to, sign up, and pass on the info to your friends and family!

Work ~ There is lots to be done! Gardens to tend, apples to pick, drums to make, and art to be expressed! Trails to be cleaned, rocks to be moved, and pets to be walked! If you feel a need to connect with nature, and quiet your self so that you can hear the whispers of your soul, consider volunteering a few hours of your time. It will renew your spirit, and also pave the way to help others as well.

Rest ~ There is room at the inn! If you feel the need for some solitude, stillness, and silence, this is the place. There soon will be rooms available for short or lengthier stays. A great place for retreat or artist residency! Call for a list of fees.

Spiritual Direction/Coaching ~ Listening to the images of your soul! Maybe you are faced with some big questions regarding relationship, job, or suffering some loss or grief, or maybe just want to know what Life and Love have in store for you. You might consider a private session. We permit the soul to speak through the rhythms of art forms, silence, prayer, journaling, spirited conversation, and artistic imagery. You would be amazed at what can transpire and transform you. If you are interested, feel free to call and I will provide you with more details.

Contributions ~ The Songroom is slowly and organically growing into a welcoming environment, and a place and space that provides the rest and repose that we so need in this busy, and clamoring world. Please consider pay-it-forward so that others less fortunate can also take advantage of what this paradise has to offer. Your contributions will also provide resources so that we can expand our programming, and make all of this a reality. No amount is too great or too small! Even spare change for a cup a coffee can move us forward. We hope to soon be applying for non-profit organizational status and provide receipts in the future, but we need to have a few things happen first. In the meantime…. I wish to thank you in advance. Your generosity is deeply appreciated and graciously received. To contribute click here.

Extra stuff ~ Please forward the newsletter on FACEBOOK, and other social media, and share the news and link with your friends, family and kind strangers!

Thank you for your support and dedication. Your energy is helping this dream unfold. Namaste, blessings and peace for the journey.

Contact ~ Vivianne LaRiviere, founder and Director of the Songroom~

450 458 7906

 Join us on Facebook here

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