We are Called to Care

I’ve never had to flee from war or terror, though I have been homeless in my life. Spiritually homeless and vagrant at times; not understanding the true nature of what it means to ‘be.’ Many of my young-adult, deemed ‘exciting’ experiences were often high risk, dangerous and taut with a fury that could easily destroy much. I have lived through the passage of many regrets, and reconciled with many of the difficult memories that have left me scarred with hopefully a budding humility and a surrender to what truly matters. I am exceptionally fortunate to not only be alive, but deeply grateful to be able to tell the stories – for those who choose to listen. These stories – sometimes appear in song, poetry, a painting, or writing. They are metaphorical for the bigger and deeper causes, reflecting upon the human condition and that which moves our existence, and our creativity.

As both a spiritual AND religious person, growing into the success of my defeats, I linger over what it means to be truly engaged with purpose. As a multi-media artist, a budding practical theologian, and a humble doctorate student of ministry, part of my mission is to practice the convergence of art and spirituality as I believe in its power to heal and transform. I feel called to address injustices in the form of reflection as it unfolds in an artistic manner, with the hope that such expression give rise toward compassionate and empathetic reasoning and eventually, action.

As I continue to ponder and reflect on what it truly means to ‘be,’ and that can otherwise be defined as meaning ‘to care,’ for you see it is in the truth of being that we are called to care, that I set out to do what I do. To do my best to bring folks together through the arts, and for good cause so that maybe, just maybe there might be some tiny gem, whether it be a song, or a word, or a simple bow, to have someone consider and reconsider how they perceive their own ‘call to care.’ And so, I would like to extend you an invitation to listen….to be a part of belonging to something greater than yourselves, and to make a tiny bit of difference in the life of someone who has had to flee from war and terror. Please join us April 16th @ St James’ Anglican Church for a benefit concert for Action Réfugies Montreal and St. James’. If you can’t make it, please consider passing this on as an act of kindness to help spread the good word.

Thank you,
peace and blessings for the journey,

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