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I went out for dinner with a friend last night. A curious, and charming friend, someone close, and yet – not. Time doesn’t seem to matter.  But then again, it does. There is no history, but yet again, maybe enveloped. Our slow-growing friendship furtive at times, insightful at others, earthy, shaping, questing, curious, beguiling at [...]

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The Power of the Drum

Years ago, while spending time in Oregon, I had the privilege of participating in a drum-making apprenticeship. The days were long and filled with valuable teachings about the different medicines associated with different drums. Mystical events were not an uncommon experience during those intensive and vulnerable times, for the call of the drum is powerful [...]

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I sat Down In the tall, Cool, Green Grass. And… Listened. Drum, Tell me. I listened. The wind Blew. The birds Sang. The rustle Of the forest Bowing To the Reverence Of Time. And I listened. The drum Says: ‘Listen.’ And so I Did. And I do. Listen. Drum. Peace. She tells Me. Go, Beyond [...]

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Hollow Bones ~ Who am I?

A reporter recently asked me what was the motivating factor to play the upcoming benefit for both St. James’ Anglican Church and the Action Réfugies Montreal. (Details below) As a person of ministry, I seek to converge the gifts that have made themselves known to me through the arts, through theology, through my path as [...]

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